Paperless Solutions

Does your billing company take advantage of electronic solutions and enable you to account for entry of ALL billing documents? RTI’s system does!

RTI’s proprietary billing system accommodates any and all electronic medical records (EMR’s) and uses the latest imaging and scanning technologies to ensure that all registration and charge data is captured in its original form.

  • Capitalizing on our paperless environment and workflow technologies, all source documents are received into RTI’s billing system via an electronic format.
  • RTI’s experienced technology team can provide you a variety of solutions to facilitate the electronic transmission of medical records.
  • If you are utilizing an EMR, RTI’s experience with the top EMR vendors makes your transition easier.
  • If you are using a manual chart collection process, the medical record may be scanned either at the client site or upon arrival at RTI.
  • Computer reports are generated to detect any missing documents, which are then obtained from the scanned images.

How does RTI’s Automated Paperless Solution benefit you?

  • Because all records are scanned, no billable charts can be misplaced or go unbilled.
  • Immediate retrieval of scanned images means fewer patient relations problems.
  • Third-party payor requests for records are always filled, ensuring payment.
  • Compliance with third-party document retention and inspection requirements doesn't require spending a fortune on storage!