Success Stories

The following are some examples of how RTI has helped its clients achieve their optimal performance through our services and reporting:

  • For a large metropolitan hospital in the Northeast, RTI was able to increase annual revenue by implementing our chart accountability system and ensuring that all proper procedures were coded for billing.
  • For a mid-sized rural hospital in the Southeast, RTI helped to increase the annual cash receipts by improving physician documentation and ensuring the proper coding of all procedures.
  • For a large hospital system in the Southeast, RTI was able to increase cash receipts due to our billing process and extensive A/R follow-up capabilities. RTI’s payor denial tracking allowed us to work with patterns of denial from managed care carriers, further enhancing revenue recovery.
  • A Florida hospital had annual facility coding charges of over $1.7 million. RTI’s feasibility study indicated that, with more compliant coding for services performed, the hospital could increase these charges by 37%. Once RTI began to manage the hospital’s billing and coding, its facility coding charges increased by 47%.