Insurance Verification

Incomplete or inaccurate hospital capture of third-party payer data pertaining to physician billing is a frequent problem. RTI’s skilled staff and cutting edge services help to cure this headache!

The limitations of hospital operations and poor training can lead to incorrect or misdirected billing, a problem compounded when the electronic transfer system simply processes erroneous data from the hospital. The result? Lost revenues. RTI works hard to prevent patients from receiving a bill for charges covered by their insurance and to ensure that the bill is sent to the correct insurance address.

The latest in automated telephone billing. A predictive dialer system using RTI’s proprietary software secures information not obtained when the patient received treatment. Patients, guarantors, employers, and/or third-party payors are contacted to obtain the insurance information needed for proper billing.

RTI staff visually screen all registrations prior to entry into the active bill stream. Our trained employees quickly identify and correct missing or invalid data.

RTI maintains a comprehensive relational database containing hundreds of third-party payors, cross-referenced to insured groups and employers. Our expert system is consistently updated and customized for your practice.