Envision Healthcare Companies

Envision Healthcare

Envision Healthcare is a leading provider of physician-led, outsourced medical services. It operates American Medical Response, Inc. (AMR), the nation’s leading ambulance service provider, EmCare Holdings Inc. (EmCare), the nation’s leading provider of outsourced emergency department and facility-based physician services and Evolution Health, which provides comprehensive care to patients across various settings, many of whom suffer from advanced illnesses and chronic diseases.

American Medical Response (AMR)

American Medical Response (AMR) is the nation’s leading manager and provider of medical transportation. AMR provides emergency response and dispatch services, non-emergency transport services, air ambulance services, event medical services, managed transportation services and paramedic and EMT training. AMR is locally operated in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

EmCare, Inc.

EmCare is a leading provider of physician services for emergency departments, inpatient physician services, inpatient radiology management programs and anesthesiology services. Founded in 1972, EmCare has more than 570 exclusive contracts with client hospitals in nearly 42 states.

Evolution Health

Evolution Health provides comprehensive care management solutions for patients with advanced illnesses and chronic diseases. Its physician-led care teams place an emphasis on assessing and monitoring patient health, providing appropriate in-home care and coordinating communications between the hospital, the care team and other caregivers.